Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today is 31 January 2009.

Florida investigates possible impropriety in sweetheart deal and nest feathering scandal involving space tourism training facility. We are reminded to keep government far from private sector space projects.

Russia terminates space tourism flights. The claim is that the Internationalist Socialist Space Station must have a full flight crew of six astronauts, so no tourists can be accommodated. What do you want to bet that NASA put the death to Russian space tourism with some vexatious and egregious "ruling"? NASA has hated space tourism from the start, and is run by evil men and women who hate freedom. Look what they did to MirCorp? Look what they had the IRS do to Walt Anderson? Jerks.

Mind you, this should increase interest in private space hotels, such as Bigelow's project.

The scum at Rotary couldn't help fawning over out-going NASA Administrator Michael Griffin. Look at this pretty trophy they gave him, for doing not very much to open the space frontier to human settlement. Arguably, he didn't do much to dramatically hold back human settlement, either. We'll have to judge his merits a little later when more of the facts are in place.