Monday, February 2, 2009

3 February 2009

Today is 3 February 2009

Times of India reports on plans to place an Indian from the subcontinent on the surface of the Moon by 2025. Yes, India with its own inimitable brand of socialism has its own space program. We can only pray they sell it off to the private sector before it grows.

SpaceX has recently released a video showing their cartoon concept of their Dragon spaceship being launched by one of their rockets. Presumably one that isn't sabotaged by other defense contractor companies on Kwaj. The cartoon shows the payload being snagged by a robotic arm (presumably Canadian in origin) on the Internationalist Socialist Space Station and brought up close for docking. Then the thing re-enters with parachute recovery. The conceptual similarity to a Soyuz or Progress capsule flight is presumably deliberate. As you probably know from their press release the socialists at NASA awarded a $1.6 billion contract to SpaceX for cargo re-supply of the space station. Follow-on flights might screw the taxpayer out of up to $3.1 billion. A similar contract was awarded to Orbital Sciences. Stimulate that.

Arch fiend and worthless space socialist George Abbey among others at the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University have written a stupid report on what President Obama should do to further screw up the space program. The ever witty Mark Carreau of the Houston Chronicle blogs about their blather. Among other things that seem recklessly idiotic about their proposals, the Baker Institute collective would extend shuttle flights to 2015, giving NASA five more years to massacre batches of astronauts seven at a time.

Tariq Malik of reports on the launch of the Russian Koronas-Foton spacecraft by one of their Tsyklon launchers. The spacecraft studies solar weather.

A comprehensive report on upcoming space launches is available at

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