Thursday, February 12, 2009

Magellan telescope project

Big telescope project with lots of internationalist socialist partners. The telescope, to be built in Chile, will be composed of seven large mirrors. Six of these will be positioned around the edges of a seventh mirror using technology developed at University of Arizona. The effective size of the structure would be 80 feet (25 meters) across. Arguably, from its site in Chile the new scope would provide images ten times sharper than the Hubble Space Telescope does from orbit. Now that NASA has gotten some astronomical observing mileage out of the Keyhole spy satellite technology, some actual innovation might be needed for a future scope. Perhaps the same techniques developed for the Magellan scope (to be complete 2019) might be used on the far side of the Moon at some future date. Of course, that would require an economically sustainable (that is, profitable) lunar exploration and settlement activity. Clearly not something NASA is ever going to be competent to provide. NASA delenda est

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