Thursday, February 12, 2009

Space station re-supply "Progress" of a sort

Russians re-supply the internationalist socialist space station. Meanwhile NASA has opted not to kill another batch of seven astronauts by delaying the launch of the space shuttle at least until 20 February, possibly as late as 22 February based on current info. Assuming they ever get it to fly all the way to orbit, NASA's next shuttle mission would "complete" the space station which Reagan announced in 1984 and asked for within a decade. Hmmm. So, a 2009 completion date minus a 1994 requested completion gives 15 years late. And as I recall the original $8 billion budget (in 1994 dollars) for a 12-crew station has become $150 billion plus (I really have to review the methodology, probably very low) in 2009 dollars for a six-person station. Whee! And NASA stands to eat $1.3 billion more from the "stimuli" package. NASA delenda est

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  1. I remember reading that NASA will consider the International Socialist Station to be obsolete around 2015 -- 2020. What a waste of our hard-taxed cash.