Thursday, February 26, 2009

NASA buys $480K house, 2 cars

According to a Fox news story NASA has bought a $480,000 house in Gainesville, Florida and some other stuff for two low level scammers. Here's the low down:

Fox News reporter Mike Levine writes, "Authorities say Sousan Anghaie persuaded NASA to award her company 'several fully funded contracts,' including nearly $600,000 to develop and study a uranium-related technology. But, according to an affidavit unsealed today in federal court, the couple allegedly used most of that money to buy personal luxuries — including their $480,000 home in Gainesville, a 2007 BMW and a 2005 Toyota Sienna sports van."

Hurray! NASA and the FBI are cracking down hard on these low level scum. No word yet on any investigation of the billions of dollars stolen by NASA and defense contractor companies.

Americans can rest easy knowing, as Levine concludes, "The affidavit said there is
probable cause' to believe that Sousan and Samim Anghaie stole federal funds, laundered money, and conspired to commit money laundering, all in violation of federal laws." No word on the many other failed NASA contracts to explore the universe, research new technologies, or build expensive boondoggles.

On the plus side, maybe NASA's entire budget could be used to buy houses and restart the housing bubble. Whee!

NASA delenda est.

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